“Toxic” by Maeta ft. BEAM, debuts on Teen Vogue. Mastered by Kevin

Great having artist Mind Chatter over to master his upcoming album on Mind of a Genius Records.

Mastering the debut full length LP of The Harlem Gospel Travelers and it’s sounding amazing with @elipaperboyreed !

Santa came a little late but all is well with my new EQ! #bettermaker #mastering # analog

Smoota of TV on the Radio just debuted the video and title track for his upcoming album “Pheromones”, due out November 2018, mastered at Blackler Mastering by Kevin!

New Lip Talk single / video debuted on Brooklyn Vegan! Mastered by Kevin

Great cover of “Feel It Still” from High & Mighty Brass Band mastered by yours truly!

Mastering with Brooklyn band Not Blood Paint

Mastering with Brooklyn band Not Blood Paint.



The Deli

Congrats to artists Ex Cops, The Reverend John Delore, and The Can’t Tells for making the “Best NYC Emerging Artists of 2012” list in the Deli Magazine, NY and have had recent albums mastered at Blackler Mastering.