Blackler Mastering is a state of the art mastering suite located in Bushwick / Brooklyn, NY founded by Grammy nominated mastering engineer Kevin Blackler.

With over 20 years experience, Kevin brings the best in digital and analog technology to create a unique and enjoyable experience to the listener. 

Kev Working

For the past 13 years at Blackler Mastering, Kevin has enjoyed mastering all styles of music for major labels and independent artists alike.

Before Kevin started Blackler Mastering, he was a staff mastering engineer at the historic Sony Music Studios in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. During his time at Sony, Kevin worked on a variety of projects and was able to learn from top industry professionals specializing in audio mastering.

In 2007 Sony announced it was closing it’s facility and that the building would be demolished to make room for luxury Condos in Hell’s Kitchen. Fortunately, Kevin was able to purchase the entire room he used to work in while he was there (mastering suite “M6”) and literally transplant the studio suite from Sony in Manhattan to Blackler Mastering in Brooklyn. Even going as far as to build the new room to the same dimensions (originally designed by famed acoustician George Auspberger) so that everything would fit.

Kevin prides himself in doing whatever it takes to get the best results possible. He offers free advise on mixes before mastering (optional), and there is no additional charge for any revisions to the finished masters (if necessary).

Featured Song

Grammy Pic

“Elsewhere” by Melissa Aldana was nominated for “Best Jazz Solo” at the 2020 Grammy Awards and was mastered by Kevin.