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Because every project is unique and has different needs, projects are quoted based on the style of music, number of tracks, length, label / independent artist, etc.

Typically, Kevin likes to be a bit more hands on with what he works on compared to most mastering engineers and likes to hear the mixes before they come in for mastering to offer advise along the way. On the contrary, he’s also used to working with some of the best engineers in the world and doesn’t have to worry about mixes coming in with flaws.. Either way he’s got you covered. The advise / consultation on your mix(es) is optional and is included in your quote for mastering.

Masters can be delivered in a variety of formats including high resolution .WAV files, Vinyl Cutting Masters (Side A / B), DDP’s, MP3’s, etc. We also offer masters specifically made for the “Mastered For iTunes” initiative and are certified as an MFiT mastering studio by Apple.

All masters are guaranteed to be of the highest standards of commercial acceptability. Revisions are free of charge (if necessary) until you are 100% satisfied, no hidden fees or excuses.

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