Blackler Mastering



Kevin began his career in the music industry not long after High School. He opened his own recording studio called Blackler Studios in downtown Chicago at the age of 19 and has been at it ever since.

After a few years working with artists in Chicago, Kevin’s thirst for knowledge led him to Boston, MA where he attended Berklee College of Music and majored in Music Production and Engineering (MP&E).

After graduating Berklee, Kevin moved to New York City and was hired as an assistant mastering engineer at Sony Music Studios. After a few years assisting top industry professionals such as Vlado Meller, Mark Wilder, and Dave Kutch, Kevin was promoted to staff engineer specializing in audio mastering.

Eventually, Sony announced it was closing it’s historic facility (formerly Columbia Studios) in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan and that the building would be demolished. Fortunately, Kevin was able to purchase the entire room he used to work in while he was at Sony (mastering suite “M6”) and literally transplant the studio suite from Sony in Manhattan to Blackler Mastering in Brooklyn. Even going as far as to build the new room to the same dimensions (originally designed by famed acoustician George Auspberger) so that everything would fit.

For the past 12 years at Blackler Mastering Kevin has enjoyed mastering all styles of music for major labels and independent artists alike. He continues to push himself for excellence in sound quality and would love to hear from you about your upcoming projects.